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September 28, 2005

CyberPlat® begins collecting payments for Yeniseitelecom's mobile services

Leading Siberian mobile operator Yeniseitelecom is now connected to CyberPlat®. More than half a million subscribers will be able to pay for their mobile phones online. CyberPlat® thus continues its thrust into Russia's regions.

Signing the agreement between the companies meets Yeniseitelecom's strategic goals for further development. Today top priority is given to two such goals: increasing the quality of mobile communication and introduction of new services. Collecting payments through CyberPlat®, fully enables the operator to continue work towards broadening the range of offered services while at the same time improving the quality of customer service.

To make a payment, a customer just needs to fill out a special pay ticket, hand the cash to the cahier and collect the receipt. Electronic signatures ensure the safety of the transaction. Yenisaitelecom CJSC and CyberPlat®.com OJSC have been operating for more than 8 years, since 1997, offering their services to both businesses and individuals. The companies manage to remain leaders in the Krasnoyarsk market of mobile services and the Russian market of payment collection by means of timely introduction of new technologies, flexible pricing policies and openness to new emerging kinds of business relationships.

"For us getting Krasnoyarsk's largest mobile operator Yeniseitelecom connected to our system is a major step in the development of our company. Expansion of CyberPlat® 's presence all across Russia is for us a strategic goal," comments Vladimir Kuznetsov, CyberPlat's Executive Director.

Yeniseitelecom CJSC is the leading mobile operator in the Krasnoyarsk krai; the company has a 45.3% market share(as of 2.09.05), and is included among the ten largest mobile operators of Russia (according to "iKS-Rating" and "J`son &Partners"). The company provides GSM-900/1800 mobile services, and is preparing to launch an IMT - MC 450 (CDMA2000 1x) network. The company's network covers large and mid sized cities in the Krasnoyarsk krai, the Norilsk industrial district, Timyr autonomous region and the republic of Hakasia . The total number of subscribers exceeds 600 000.

The company holds a 59.7% stake in Altaiscyaz OJSC (mobile operator in the Altai krai and the republic of Altai with, 38 0000 subscribers). 100% of Yenisaitelecom's stock is owned by Siberia's largest telecom operator Sibirtelecom OJSC

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