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October 27, 2005

The Cyber?lat® network's ability to transmit unlimited amounts of encrypted data can be used to transfer documents in encrypted format in B2B2C payment arrangements.

CyberPlat® has created a new generation payment collection service that allows clients to remotely enter into contracts and transmit other legal documents of any size electronically through the Internet. Now any amounts of information can be bundled up in chunks and electronically signed for safe online transmission to a contracting party who can then verify the validity of the electronic signature.

The new service can be used for safe electronic transmission of documents through the Internet in a range of business scenarios. Thus it can be utilized to optimize all kinds of business processes: for example it can be used to streamline the process of entering into contracts to order and pay for services or to transmit any confidential data.

The feature may prove especially useful for electronic transmission of documents during the purchase and sale of stakes in investment funds.

The main advantages of the technology are its full compliance with the existing regulations and the secure transaction mechanism that uses electronic signatures. The system also allows the participants to have full control over the progress of trading and payment transactions.

"This new solution is a new step aimed at making CyberPlat® even more usable and it will ultimately allow us to further develop our business in the regions, " says Vladimir Kuznetsov, Executive Director of CyberPlat®.com.

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