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November 8, 2005

"CyberPlat®.com" Company Succeeded in Creation of Highly Protected Financial Service for Pocket PC

Nowadays the most of electronic payment systems technical decisions for mobile devices are focused on simplicity in use. As practice shows, this approach is hardly justified. Especially when the matter concerns online transactions safety. Any simplifications here are basically inadmissible. That is why they did not manage to create highly protected (using electronic digital signature) service for pocket PC for long.

"CyberPlat®.com" Company offers its own development for owners of the current mobile phones and pocket PCs. The new service realizes the idea of using the mechanism of CyberPlat® payment system full-featured operation. At that all its functional advantages will be involved. Primarily this concerns providing high level of transactions protection!

Unique technical decision of CyberPlat for pocket PC is much more complex in comparison with decisions of other participants of the Internet payments market. Any transactions between CyberPlat® users presuppose obligatory use of the electronic digital signature of accounts owners. And this is an absolutely different qualitative level reflecting the policy of the company. "CyberPlat®.com" emphasizes on providing safety of settlements and cash of its clients.

Using new service technology the participants of CyberPlat® system are able to pay accounts of mobile operators, municipal services, commercial TV, Internet and IP-telephony directly from their pocket computers. Similar opportunities are also accessible to holders of CB "Platina" payment cards.

The new technology allows partners of the system to carry out reception of CyberPlat® payments in most convenient way. Now one may get an access to the statistics on the transactions worldwide having nothing except for a pocket PC and a cellular telephone or communicator. The compulsory condition is to be within a zone covered by the mobile communication operator service as well as GPRS hardware support.

Expenses of the user concerning organization of own payment office are limited to a cost of a pocket personal computer. Today one may purchase a pocket PC for less than 400 dollars. Owners of such devices can actually estimate all advantages of fully-functional and highly reliable CyberPlat® electronic payments system operation. "CyberPlat®.com" partners get the required software free of charge.

"Partners of the company "CyberPlat®.Com" will gain a real freedom with the advent of the new product. They will be able to become aware of the highest quality and availability of rendered services as well as to estimate security of financial operations with a guarantee of carrying out payment from the consumer to the service company in "a real-time mode", - Denis Sadomskov, Technical Director of the OJSC "CyberPlat®.com" company comments on the new technological decision.

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