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December 8, 2005

Number of payments collected through CyberPlat® exceeds 1 million in one day

For the first time in history over a million transactions was registered to have gone through CyberPlat® in one day.

It's not just quality but quantity as well that testifies to CyberPlat®'s growing popularity.

On December 2, 2005 that number of transactions that went through the system exceeded one million. It was a first for Russian's oldest online payment collection network. So far no other payment collection network in Russia has reached even a fraction of this huge volume.

CyberPlat®.com has always strived to improve its customer service. One natural consequence is the increase in the number of daily transactions handled by the system. By offering a new service - online document transition to facilitate bank transfers and E-commerce transactions, CyberPlat® has secured its leading position in the Russian payment collection market.

Today CyberPlat®'s network includes over 13,000 payment collection outlets. The number of clients is growing daily. 42 leading telecom providers from all across the country are now partners with The projected turnover for 2005 is estimated to exceed $1 billion.

The high demand for CyberPlat® services today is down to the utmost reliability of transactions provided by the system. All transactions are protected by electronic signatures rendering even the slightest possibility of fraud irrelevant.

"Naturally one million transactions in one day is not the limit. The current indicators show that our network is set to grow further. CyberPlat® has got a significant growth potential because of the principles that were at its core from the very start, such as: security, reliability, scalability, online transactions. The company's constantly acquiring new partners and so the number of collection outlets is constantly on the increase as well. For our part, we regularly offer our partners new solutions and services. Guaranteed quality of our services ensures that there's constant end user demand for them. So a million transactions per day can be seen as a high grade given to us by the users of our system. At the same time it's also an indicator of how fast CyberPlat® is growing into a nation wide payment collection system ", comments Andrey Gribov, General Director, CyberPlat®.com.

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