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December 9, 2005

Sky Link (SPb) Started Receiving Payments Via CyberPlat® System

Users of "Sky Link - Saint Petersburg" network are permitted to replenish their mobile operators accounts in cash in CyberPlat® payment offices

The "Sky Link - Saint Petersburg" network became the second regional network of the CJSC "Sky Link", that joined the CyberPlat® payment system. Earlier, in April 2005 the "CyberPlat®.Com" company signed an agreement with the "Sky Link - Moscow" network.

The CJSC "Sky Link" is the largest CDMA operator in Russia. The CDMA system (Code Division Multiple Access) is an alternative to the widely spread GSM standard. Over the last five years the CDMA technology has been certified and launched into operation by most of suppliers of wireless equipment and is already used all over the world. CDMA telephone sets work under 450 MGz frequency range. Key benefits of the CDMA network include clear voices and no outside noises.

Personal accounts of "Sky Link - Saint Petersburg" users are replenished via CyberPlat® payment system in real time. Reliability and safety of electronic payments to mobile operators are secured by digital signatures of parties.

In order to receive money to personal accounts, users are to come to any CyberPlat® payment office and fill in a slip mentioning their telephone number and payment amount. After that the slip together with the cash is to be handed over to the cashier. The cash voucher received proves that the customer payment has been made and the money has been transferred to the user's personal account.

"Initiation of receipt of payments for Sky Link - Saint Petersburg is the logical continuation of cooperation of our payment system with the "Sky Link" network started in this April. CyberPlat® cash payments turned out to be in demand with "Sky Link - Moscow" clients. The same demand for our services is forecasted as regards "Sky Link - Saint Petersburg" network customers, - Vladimir Kuznetsov, Executive Director of the OJSC "CyberPlat.Com", says.

CJSC "Sky Link" was established in July 2003 to consolidate regional operators of NMT-450 and realize a project to create a common federal cellular network under IMT-MC-450 standard (CDMA2000 1X technology realized in radio interface of 450 MGz).

Up to now Sky Link networks have been operating in 19 regions of the Russian Federation. The certified territory of the project covers 65 regions with the population of 104 mln. people which makes over 72% of the population of Russia.

The Petersburg Sky Link network has been operating since December 2002 using Lucent Technologies equipment ensuring coverage of the whole Saint Petersburg territory, a large part of Leningrad region suburbs as well as cities like Pskov, Novgorod and Petrozavodsk.

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