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February 9, 2006

Turnover of the CyberPlat® Payment System Exceeded 32 Billion Roubles in 2005

In such a way the leading Russian payment system CyberPlat® again secured their leadership in cash payment receipt sector.

In 2005 overall turnover of the CyberPlat® payment system reached 1 billion and 120 million US dollars. Turnover of payment receipt from mobile operators' subscribers accounts for 97% out of it, while turnover of satellite and cable television payment makes 1%. The remaining 2% are payments for fixed connection, public utilities and Internet access. Consequently the CyberPlat® Company did not only secure but also strengthened its position of the leading payment system in Russia. CyberPlat®, the first Russian payment system, was founded in 1997. The first online payment was realized on March, 18 1998 for the "Garant-Park" company, while the first payment for a cellular communication operator, "VympelCom", was made on August, 12 1998.

In 2005 the universal CyberPlat® payment system was used to execute 200 million payments, and by the end of the year the daily rate reached 1 million payments. CyberPla®t are leaders among payment systems in this country in number of payments made per day and according to experts this number exceeds the number of transactions made in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. It's worth noting that CyberPlat® payment transactions are processed online within 2 seconds at most.

In last December the system transacted more than 31 million payments for the total of 143 mln. dollars. This transaction volume with the officially announced 126 mln. cellular communication users and 80 mln. declared by the experts means that today every three mobile communication customers use CyberPlat® services.

This high demand for the system is accounted for by its significant benefits against alternative payment means, like scratch cards. CyberPlat® payments take less time, they are much more convenient than other means of replenishing personal accounts. CyberPlat® payments are secured against getting an expired or fake scratch card, and release from necessity to buy the card.

That could be of great importance for cellular connection customers of moderate means. For instance, if a person has no money to buy a scratch card which costs at least 150 roubles, they can replenish their accounts via CyberPla®t even with ten or twenty roubles (minimal payment for "Beeline" services may be 2 roubles as well). Providing possibility to receive small amounts CyberPlat® realizes an important social function making up-to-date technologies more accessible for people of moderate means.

For example, if there's no money on one's account, and client has a small amount of money and cannot buy a minimal scratch card for 150 roubles ($5), they can replenish their accounts in any payment office. Schoolchildren having 10-20 roubles can replenish their accounts and use SMS services, for example, to send messages to their parents.

Fig. Shares of payments sorted by the amount in the overall number of CyberPlat transactions

Average CyberPlat® transaction amounts to 5.6 dollars according to 2005 results. Lately there has been increasing number of 10-20 roubles transactions which makes less than a dollar. Use of CyberPlat® system provides substantial benefits both for customers, communication operators and their dealers. Savings on scratch card production amounts to minimum 5% of turnover. In their turn retailers do not have to divert large amounts to buy lots of scratch cards.

Payment reception network
The overall number of CyberPlat® payment offices increased more than fourfold in 2005 and exceeded 15000 by the beginning of 2006. This stable and dynamic business growth was possible because of inclusion of new trade networks, dealer companies, self-service electronic terminal networks into the CyberPlat® as well as branches and affiliates of various banks, first of all in regions. This activity on development of payment receipt network was recognized by "VympelCom" with the "Best debut of the year" award for the maximum number of launched payment offices. In particular in 2005 CyberPlat® facilitated launch of projects initiating cash payments receipt in large trade networks like "Eldorado", "Grossmart", network of drugstores "Apteki 36,6", "POLARIS" computer centres, "Petroelectrosbyt" service centres, "Stroycredit" bank cash machines, "SDM-Bank" self-help terminal network, and branches of OJSC "Khanty-Mansiyskyi Bank".

Following the strategy of payment receipt market leader the CyberPlat® system has realized the possibility to process communal payments and electricity payments in trade and service offices of retail networks. In particular in 2005 old CyberPlat® partners joined receipt of communal payments such as communication centres networks "Dixies" and "Mobile Centre ", "I-box" self-help terminal network as well as many others.

In 2005 large federal mobile communication centres like "Svyaznoy", "Dixies", "Evroset", "Mobile Centre ", "Beta Link", "Ultra Star", "Cifrograd" and many others continued to cooperate with the CyberPlat® system. It's worth emphasizing promotion of the joint global project of Federal State Post Department "Russian Post " and CyberPlat® in receipt of cash payments from individuals in a wide network of post offices throughout Russia. The number of Russian Federation regions where payments are received in post offices has increased fivefold from 8 to 44. It's worth noting that CyberPlat ®system partners include mainly companies with continuous growth in turnover and high level of technological and corporate culture - no matter if those are trade networks or companies specializing in provision of mobile communication services, cable and satellite television, telecommunication and provider services.

Service providers
In 2005 the number of online payment gates to telecoms operators and service providers increased from 20 to 42. New operators and providers joined CyberPlat® as partners including all regional branches of the "MegaFon" company as well as "North-Western Telecom", "Tele2", "Uralsvyazinform" ("Utel"), "SMARTS", "New Telephone Company", "Skylink", "MOTIV", "Yeniseytelecom" and others.

Besides last year TV channels "Komkor-TV" (Akado) and "Arkhangelsk television company" joined the "CyberPLat" system while the list of Internet providers served was expanded with "MTU-Intel" and "MTU-Inform".

Last year in order to maximize customer convenience a system of automatic registration was introduced enabling to join the CyberPlat® payment system within 30 minutes.

Along with this, the short-term crediting service for CyberPla®t partners was enlarged, enabling dealers to proceed with receipt of payments even when their accounts are null. This is an additional benefit for the system partners that enables them to raise their profit even with scarce working capital.

Last year the CyberPla®t payment system offered new generation service for their clients enabling execution of remote and safe transactions, conclusion of agreements and transmission of other significant legal documents of any size electronically via Internet. From now on it is possible to sign unlimited volume of information in any electronic format with a digital signature (DS) and transmit it in real time mode to the contractor who can check authenticity of the sender's DS.

The new service may be used to ensure efficient and safe document circulation via Internet in various business and management domains. The technological solution offered is supposed to be used to improve diverse business processes, for example, for quick registration of any agreements and transactions as regards order and payment for services, encoded transmission of any confidential materials.

Customer services include high-security service for smart phones: now each CyberPlat® user having a smart phone may make transactions in the system absolutely safely. Hence CyberPlat® is the only mobile banking system providing absolutely safe connection for smart phones users because of application of the comprehensive digital signature (DS). In 2005 CyberPlat® experts developed and introduced a special package for "1?-Parus: Shop" programme, enabling easy integration of the payment receipt function into the operational activity of the CyberPla®t dealers.

2005 is the year of regional development
The 2005 focus was to expand the CyberPlat® payment system throughout the regions. New projects were launched to initiate receipt of payments throughout Russia. At present CyberPlat® is the most widely used payment technology in the area of receipt of telecoms operators revenues in most large and medium cities in all federal districts.

"Because of the advanced technological solution, high safety level of transactions as well as use of our longstanding expertise in the electronic settlement area, we were able to become the leader among payment systems in all cities with the population over 1 million people. Our strategic task for the next year is to secure our leadership in all areas of the Russian Federation including small towns and villages", - says Andrey Gribov, General Director of the CyberPlat® system.

Stable turnover and service quality growth make the CyberPlat® leader in their market sector. Year after year the CyberPlat® Company is recognized by the MTS and "VympelCom" top management as the biggest partner in payment receipt.

Up-to-date electronic technologies ensuring high speed and convenience for partners as well as safe transactions supported by use of digital signatures (DS), suitable financial terms including possibility of crediting against payment receipt make CyberPlat® quite attractive business partner for leading Russian companies. Andrey Gribov notes: "CyberPlat® leadership in payment systems market of Russia is the result of efforts of the team developing and supporting the system on the basis of the newest technologies, logical consequence of realization of the development strategy of most convenient and favorable conditions for our partners and clients. All this together enabled development of a flexible system of high-quality services favored both by business and individuals. I am certain that in the years to come our system will be developing and growing thanks to exploration of new market sectors like receipt of communal payments and energy supply payments. Modernization of legislation which is successfully carried out right now will allow liberalize this market and create more suitable terms of payments for most people in Russia".

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