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February 14, 2006

CyberPlat® Development Encourages Demand for Mobile Connection Among People of Moderate Means

According to the statistics of the CyberPlat® payment system for December 2005, only 20% percent of payments realized via the CyberPlat® payment system exceeded 5 USD. Payments of less than $1 make 14%, from $1 to $2 make 34%, from $2 to $3 - 2% and from 3$ to 5$ - 30%. Hence the half of all the CyberPlat transactions makes payments less than $3 or approximately 80-90 rubles.

Fig. Share of payments sorted by amount in
the overall number of transactions via CyberPlat

The above data prove that CyberPlat® enables use of up-to-date hi-tech developments for population with average and low earnings. First of all, it is true for mobile connection and Internet. After all even minimal balance allows the customer to be online, send messages and make urgent calls.

Conditions for use of up-to-date communications developed by the CyberPlat® system by wide sections of population in Russia are essential for overcoming the so called "digital divide" problem in Russia. The statistics show that CyberPlat® system operation does stimulate penetration of mobile communications in Russia.

For example, if the customer has no money on their account, and not enough to buy the minimal scratch-card for 150 rubles ($5), they could replenish the balance in any payment receipt office. A schoolchild having 10-20 rubles can replenish the account and use SMS services, for instance, to send messages to their parents. It is also convenient that payments are received in popular public places like shops, drug stores, post offices, communication centres, payment terminals and petrol stations. Users do not have to pay commission and the amount will be available right off because of the real-time transaction.

Possibility to deposit small amounts makes mobile connection accessible for people with low earnings, in particular children, students and pensioners. Several tens of rubles on customer's account enable them to use principal cellular communication services and even five or ten rubles will allow exchanging SMS messages.

Allowing receipt of any amounts to replenish the customer account the CyberPlat® provides an additional benefit for cell phone users.

"Today in information technologies era everyone has the right to use mobile phone, computer, Internet and other achievements of the civilization. The CyberPlat® payment system provides such possibilities even for the Russian citizens of the least means which is our significant social function", Andrey Gribov, General Director of the ?yberplat® system, says.

Even though 80% of the payments made via CyberPlat® are amounts less than $5, the overall volume of the transactions is rather impressive. From mid-December 2005 number of daily payments is always more than a million. Those high indices of the CyberPlat system development are determined by a number of factors. First, it is significant increase, to over 16 000, of the number of payment receipt offices receiving cash for 45 leading telecoms operators, satellite, cable television and Internet providers all over the country. The second important factor was launch of new technologies in 2005 speeding up and simplifying interaction among CyberPlat® and their dealers and new partners, for instance, system of automatic registration of dealers enables you to join the payment system in 30 minutes. Third, the system is continuously improving its reliability and fail-safety level year after year which increases loyalty of dealers and operators of CyberPlat®.

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