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March 16, 2006

CyberPlat® Offers Ultra Speed Automatic Registration for New Dealers

Modernization of the system of dealer automatic registration allows new partners of the CyberPlat® system register in the system in record-breaking time which makes less than 5 minutes.

CyberPlat® is the first Russian universal multibank payment system realizing payments to communication operators, Internet, satellite and cable television providers, payment for communal services and energy supply. The company has been operating in the electronic payment market for 8 years. The CyberPlat® turnover amounted to 1 billion and 120 million dollars (over 32 billion rubles) in 2005.

New possibilities of the CyberPlat® payment system allow connect to the system without opening a settlement account and personal presence in a "CyberPlat" office. Technological innovations simplify a lot work with the system; make it more efficient and fast. If the procedure of automatic registration of CyberPlat® dealer launched in November 2005 took around 30 minutes, now it takes only 5 minutes.

When the system was modernized a number of innovations were used including legal registration of relations between the CyberPlat® payment system and dealers connected to it as well as simplification of the procedure of generation of a primary digital signature (DS).

The first part of changes allows join the CyberPlat® payment system from 7th March after making 5 simple steps. The simplified procedure uses possibilities rendered by Cl. 428 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation where dealer may join an Agreement of payment reception (Contract of adhesion), by submitting a respective application. This allowed reducing the number of documents provided.

The second part of changes applies to generation of digital signature of the dealer administrator. Optimization was realized due to consolidation of all necessary actions in the frame of the single software package "Key Manager" (setup.exe), enabling simplification of DS key generation and simplification of the procedure making it more friendly and comprehensible.

"Modernization of the system of automatic dealer registration is an important step to improve convenience and speed up work of our partners. Today CyberPlat® serves over 17000 payment receipt offices and we plan to increase this number significantly because of optimization of operation of the registration system and involvement of new dealers", - Andrey Gribov, Director General of CyberPlat®, comments.

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