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April 24, 2006

CyberPlat® Representative Offices Have Been Opened in Five Federal Districts of Russia

CyberPlat® representative offices will develop business of the company in Northwest, Ural, Central, Southern and Privolzhye federal districts.

Andrei Gribov, the Director General of CyberPlat® company noted: "Creation and development of a network of our representative offices aims at increase of growth rates of the number of our regional partners and qualitative improvement of their organizational, technical and financial support".

CyberPlat® is the first Russian payment system - as early as on March, 18, 1998 the first transaction in favour of "Garant-Park" company was carried out, and on August, 12, 1998 the first online payment was carried out through the Internet in favour of cellular communication operator "Beeline".

As a separate open joint-stock company CyberPlat® was singled out by 2000. By now CyberPlat® has been working at the electronic payment market for more than 8 years and is the largest one in Russia, the reliable and debugged well-organized system.

The share of CyberPlat® system exceeds 50 % of collections from all payment systems in favour of communication operators not only in the capital, but also in St.-Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. CyberPlat® collects over 13% of gain for MTS-Russia, for "Vympelcom" - more than 16%.

Today the CyberPlat® payment offices network makes almost 20 000 centres accepting cash payments in favour of 48 leading communication, satellite, cable television operators and Internet providers all over the country, among which there are MTS, Beeline, Megaphone, Skylink, NTV-plus, and many others.

Steady growth of a turnover and services quality of CyberPlat® payment system makes it a leader in its market sector. On 2005 results CyberPlat® Company is noted by gratitude of MTS board as the largest partner on payments acceptance, and "Vympelcom" company characterized CyberPlat® as the leader among payment systems.

By estimations of CyberPlat® experts within 2006 the number of system partners will considerably increase owing to CyberPlat® representative offices expansion in various regions of Russia. At the end of March - at the beginning of April CyberPlat® representative offices were opened in Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg as well as in St.-Petersburg. Since May, 1, 2006 the Novosibirsk representative office will begin its work.

Now the share of regional CyberPlat® dealers totals already 62% of company turnover taking into account the fact that carrying out activity in regions is much more difficult. According to statistics whereas in Moscow and Moscow Region the average payment equals to $7, then in regions it makes $3.

Andrey Gribov, the Director General of CyberPlat® in connection with the dynamical development of the company, tells about expansion strengthening plans on the regional markets and does not exclude an opportunity of representative offices reorganization into fully operational departments and branches of CyberPlat®. This will noticeably strengthen the positions of the company throughout Russia and will allow intensifying attraction of new regional operators and dealers to the system as well as strengthen technical support of existing ones.

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