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April 27, 2006

Electronic Payment System CyberPlat® Has Initiated the Program "CyberPlat® Regional Representative"

As the CyberPlat® Director General Andrey Gribov has declared, the program "CyberPlat® Regional Representative" is focused on formation of a network of counteragents, which will attract new dealers of the payment system. The income of such partners will be formed due to a commission fee, which size directly depends on a turnover of the dealers attracted.

Lately the company makes many efforts for the further expansion to regions. More than a year CyberPlat® regional directorates have been working in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, and from the beginning of this year the CyberPlat® directorates in Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara and Krasnodar have been opened. Starting from May, 1 2006 Novosibirsk regional directorate will begin its work.

"CyberPlat® Regional Representative" program also corresponds to the regional network accelerated development strategy. With its launch it became much easier to start earning together with CyberPlat® - to do that there is no need to come to the office of the company. One may register on a website of the company or by phone. The representative does not need to organize payment offices, invest own funds or accept payments from communication operators' subscribers and service providers' clients - he receives money for involving dealers.

There are only two conditions: the first one is that the regional representative must be a private entrepreneur or the legal entity, the second one - it is necessary to conclude the agency contract with CyberPlat® payment system.

The commission fee is paid to the regional representative on the basis of the contract with CyberPlat® and makes 0,1% from monthly volume of payments of the dealers attracted by the representative.

Andrey Gribov, the Director General of CyberPlat® Company, has noted, that "the new program can be interesting to the broad audience of initiative people - we offer our regional representatives unlimited opportunities to get worthy reward for their work".

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