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May 23, 2006

CyberPlat® Allows Creating Electronic Documents in Mobile Phone

"Mobile office" concept is interpreted in a new way, - Andrey Gribov, General Director of CyberPlat® says. - Because of the CyberPlat® innovation, a regular phone now includes a whole complex of tools required for urgent business operations".

"CyberPlat® has developed a unique technology enabling to generate and sign using DS documents of any format right in a mobile phone. The CyberPlat® innovation has been developed on Java platform and thus is easy to install - just download it to your mobile. The technology allows users manage their work, for example, to generate payment drafts, only with their mobile phone which is very convenient. Because of the DS (digital signature) with a 512-bit key integrated to the software, documents generated this way and sent to the recipient enjoy full legal effect, are accepted by Russian courts and are incontestable. Unlike other systems, the CyberPlat ® Company has corresponding certificates of the Federal Security Service of Russia, Federal Technical and Export Control Service and other institutions.

The new technology may be used to:

  • Make payments
  • Generate applications to get bank slips
  • Make currency and securities transactions,
  • Sign urgent documents
  • And in many other cases

The CyberPlat® innovation is a step forward in development of ergonomics of document processing, transactions etc. For example, the programmer enables normal receipt of payments from individuals when only a mobile and cash desk are available. Moreover, software-aided transactions are performed online and take a few seconds including number availability check.

"It is the perfect solution as well for those who are not ready to invest significant means into their technological tools - now they need only a mobile phone and there's no need to have a more large-sized laptop, - Andrei Gribov comments.

Unlike similar tools of other payment systems, Java application for cell phones developed by the CyberPlat® uses mechanism of comprehensive digital signature (DS) to sign each document i.e. is a comprehensive DS legally recognized.

The CyberPlat® company have decided to disclose source codes of customer software including Java applications for cell phones enabling update of applications for individual customer requirements if needed.

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