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May 29, 2006

CyberPlat® discloses source codes of their software

According to Andrey Gribov, General Director of CyberPlat®, "by disclosing sources of CyberPlat® to our partners we hope to expand number of service providers connected to "CyberPlat" as well as increase number of terminals and terminal networks operating in our system".

From now on CyberPlat® partners have access to source codes of CyberPlat® client applications for mobile phones, PDAs and cash-in terminals. Disclosed sources allow update applications if needed for individual customer requirements.

Because of the CyberPlat® innovation, system dealers will be able to update CyberPlat® applications to integrate them into their registration systems, enterprise management systems, accounting systems etc. Access to software source codes adds flexibility to CyberPlat® solutions and facilitates their full integration into partner business processes.

Present information technologies development is mainly determined by open source applications. The most famous case of this software is Linux operating system that is actively elaborated by millions users all over the world, thus not only gaining popularity among regular users but also becoming the platform for developments of such concerns as IBM, Oracle, Sybase, and Corel.

"Open source applications are tomorrow of IT industry. We are certain that joint work with our partners to update and optimize CyberPlat® solutions will make our services even more convenient and essential for the market, - Andrey Gribov comments.

CyberPlat® software with open sources and its capabilities are available at

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