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June 1, 2006

The CyberPlat® Payment System Turnover in May, 2006 Has Exceeded 200 Million Dollars

According to Andrey Gribov, the CyberPlat® Director General, "the remarkable results of CyberPlat® work for the first five months of 2006 are evidence of continuation of dynamic growth of the Russian payments acceptance market and our system adequacy to its requirements".

According to CyberPlat® data, the volume of payment operations reached by CyberPlat® system in May made more than 50 million transactions. On the volume of payments made daily CyberPlat® is the largest electronic payment system of the country for today. According to the experts it surpasses the Central Bank of the Russian Federation by the number of transactions. Thus, only for May, 26, 2006 the index in 2 million transactions carried out per day was fixed. At that one should note that processing of payment operations in CyberPlat® is carried out in online mode and takes no more than 2 seconds.

In May, 2006 the CyberPlat® turnover reached the peak and has exceeded 200 million dollars. One should remind that in 2005 the general turnover of payment system CyberPlat® amounted to the sum of 1 billion 120 million US dollars. Among them 97% fall on turnover on acceptance of payments from subscribers of mobile communication operators, 1% - from subscribers of satellite and cable television. The last 2 % are payments for the fixed communication, public utilities and access to Internet. Such high parameters attest that CyberPlat® is certainly the largest payment system of Russia.

The total number of payment offices of CyberPlat® system increased in the first half-year 2006 from 15000 up to 21000. So steady and dynamical business growth became possible owing to the connection to CyberPlat® of new trading networks, dealer companies, networks of electronic self-service terminals as well as departments and branches of various banks, first of all in regions.

Andrey Gribov marks: "Rates of growth of the Russian payment acceptance market impress and it is very pleasant to us that we play the locomotive role in this development. Such CyberPlat® dynamics is stipulated, in our opinion, first of all by sharply raised demand for our services; however our aspiration to correspond to demands of the market raising the quality, availability and flexibility of our products has played an important role too. So, during current year we presented a special partner program to our partners and client - unique software that allows generating and signing electronic documents on mobile phone, as well as opened the source codes of our programs for dot adaptation of our products in our partners' business-processes".

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