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June 8, 2006

CyberPlat® System has Overtaken a Network of the Sberbank of the Russian Federation by the Number of Payment Offices

The number of payment offices connected to CyberPlat® system has exceeded 22 000. Thus, the leading Russian payment system became the owner of the widest network of cash payments acceptance in Russia. As Andrey Gribov, the Director General of CyberPlat® payment system, has noted, "today the payments acceptance from physical persons is so demanded by the market that this sector grows very dynamically - both broadening of the range of offered to consumers and comprehension by businessmen of all advantages of their trading and service centres connection to CyberPlat contribute to this".

CyberPlat® is the first Russian universal multibank payment system, which makes payments in favour of communication, satellite and a cable television operators, Internet providers, payments for housing and communal services, and power supply. The company has been working in the electronic payments market for more than 8 years. The CyberPlat® turnover in 2005 totaled 1 billion 120 million dollars (more than 32 billion roubles). During last several years the turnover of the company has been increasing almost in twice and half annually. Today CyberPlat® system is the recognized leader at the market of reception of cash payments from. Only in May, 2006 it have been lead 50 million transactions by the system - actually almost each second active subscriber of cellular communication in the country has taken advantage of CyberPlat® services.

As for today CyberPlat® has overtaken the largest bank of Russia - Sberbank of the Russian Federation having the most widely spread affiliated network of over 20 000 branches by the number of payment offices.

Leadership of the company is provided due to such competitive advantages as high speed of carrying out operations on personal accounts replenishment (2 seconds on average), high security and indisputability of transactions owing to the use of the electronic digital signature (EDS) mechanisms and carrying out of payment in two stages - through the obligatory authorization of the payer in the operator's billing. Besides CyberPlat® has created highly comfortable cooperation conditions for partners - dealers who directly accept payments from the population. For example, owing to the modernization of the new dealers' registration module one may register in the system within few minutes. Recently partner program was started offering partners the constant compensation depending on a turn of newly attracted dealers also has sharply accelerated the process of payment offices connection. Owing to CyberPlat® giving access to source codes of the software products there appeared the additional opportunities on their adaptation to systems of CyberPlat® partners.

The market has already precisely realized that the payments acceptance organization through CyberPlat® provides to the enterprises (trade and service centers, drugstores, gas stations, cinemas etc.) not only additional tangible income, but also turnover growth by the basic type of due to increase of inflow of potential clients.

By the results of 2005 CyberPlat® company has been called the "absolute leader on a total volume of the payments accepted by the cellular communication operator "Beeline" and has received the diploma of MTS for the first place on volume of payments accepted in favour of MTS subscribers.

On the volume of payments made daily CyberPlat® is the largest payment system of the country for today. According to the experts it surpasses the Central Bank of the Russian Federation by the number of transactions. Thus, only for May, 26 2006 the index in 2 million transactions carried out per day was fixed. In May, 2006 the CyberPlat® turnover reached the peak and has exceeded 200 million dollars.

Only for 2005 the number of CyberPlat® system Payment offices has increased by more than four times and made over 15000 to the beginning of 2006. For 5 months of 2006 this number has increased for 7 thousands more. So steady and dynamical business growth became possible owing to connecting to CyberPlat® new trade networks, dealer companies, networks of electronic self-service terminals as well as branches of various banks, first of all in regions. Recently CyberPlat® has been actively developing a network of own regional branches, which for today operate in St.-Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg as well as in Novosibirsk.

Following strategy of the leader at the market of payments acceptance CyberPlat® system realized an opportunity of accepting payments for public utilities as well as payments for the electric power in trade and service shops of retail networks. In particular, in 2005 old partners of CyberPlat® payment system joined to the acceptance of municipal payments - networks of communication shops "Dixis", "Mobile Center", a network of self-service terminals "I-box", and many others.

Large federal networks of mobile communication shops successfully cooperate with CyberPlat® payment system including "Svyaznoy", "Dixis", "Evroset", "Mobile Center", "Beta Link", "Ultra Star", "Tsifrograd" and many others.

Especially it is necessary to note the promotion of joint federal state unitary enterprise "Post of Russia" and CyberPlat® on cash payments acceptance from population in a wide network of post offices in Russia. The number of Russian Federation regions, in which post offices accept payments today have increased more than in six times - from 8 up to 50.

One also should mention that partners of CyberPlat® payment system are both the large companies with steadily growing turnover and a high level of technological and corporate culture - whether it be trading networks or the companies specializing on providing services in the field of mobile communication, cable and satellite TV, telecommunication and provider services, and small retail networks, trade and service shops.

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