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June 27, 2006

CyberPlat System Demonstrates Record-Breaking Fail-Safety

According to Andrei Gribov, General Director of CyberPlat®, "recent testing of the CyberPlat® system showed that the system can process 200 transactions per second. It is a unique figure for the Russian payments receiption market".

CyberPlat® experts tested performance and durability of the CyberPlat® universal multibank integrated system of Internet payments. The results of the tests showed that the system is able to process over 700 thousand transactions per hour or 200 transactions per second. It's worth mentioning that even under peak load of CyberPlat®, including when technical errors disable other payment systems increasing the CyberPlat® payment flow, the peak load on the system does not exceed 200 thousand transactions per hour. That means that CyberPlat® capabilities exceed the current peak needs over 3.5 times more.

Andrei Gribov declares: "It is an excellent fail-safety resource of reliability and speed. Even at present CyberPlat® capabilities leave substantially behind most rigid technical specifications of the payment receipt market in all the parameters". For example, the fail-safety index of CyberPlat® exceeds the same index of the nearest competitor of the system more than fivefold.

According to the CyberPlat® experts, those high system rates are accounted for by the following factors. First, CyberPlat® are located in two back-up processing centres. The processing centre located in the International Trade Centre in Moscow is the principal one. Connection between the centres and Internet channels are duplicated via networks of independent providers. Such back-up system together with the up-to-date cluster architecture ensures high fail-safety of CyberPlat® and immunity against most of force-major factors. Second, CyberPlat® enjoy very high requirements to software checkout ensuring high quality and performance of every module and system as a whole. Besides, it is also of great importance that CyberPlat® has been successfully operating over 8 years being the first payment system in the Russian history. Over this period the system has been adjusted and optimized, primary deficiencies were corrected and essential modules elaborated.

It's worth mentioning that the CyberPlat® is a system working in real-time mode. Any transaction takes no longer than 2 seconds. This means that money deposited by user reach their account immediately after cashier receives it. Besides, CyberPlat® guarantees high security and incontestability of any transaction because of use of digital signature (DS) mechanisms and two phases of payment processing - with mandatory authorization of the payer in the operator's billing.

"Exceptional fail-safety of CyberPlat® is especially remarkable, - says Andrei Gribov, - in that the system is connected to 23906 customer working stations, terminals and other devices that often use their own software developed on the basis of primary application codes provided by CyberPlat®".

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