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August 9, 2006

CyberPlat® specialists develop new version of software for self-service terminals

New CyberPlat® software for self-service terminals offers unique functionality.

CyberPlat® has developed a new version of software for self-service terminals that collect charges for services available in CyberPlat® electronic payment system.

"Our specialists have once again shown a high level of competence and ability to promptly develop and upgrade software, with regards to our partners' requirements", - Denis Sadomskov , CyberPlat® Technical Manager commented upon the event, - "In comparison with similar products, the new software possesses functional advantages. I am sure that the market participants will soon appreciate it".

One of the main advantages is the software's versatility, as well as simple installation and use. With the new software version, the terminal is able to function in various modes. Complete on-line/off-line switch mode will make it possible both to make instant payments on a real-time basis and to collect payments with their placement to the receiving account with a time delay, in case of a temporary non-interaction between the terminal and the processing centre. Owing to the double number verification algorithm, the terminal working in on-line mode eliminates errors when cash is being deposited to clients' accounts. Off-line mode makes it possible to serve customers even in case of a temporary non-interaction, when on-line mode is not available.

The main function integrated into the new software is the ability to add new local operators. A CyberPlat® terminal software user is able to add up any number of local providers. The functional advantages of the new software are supplemented by on-line technical monitoring and terminal management system, user-friendly interface and flexibility of settings. The software is compatible with a wide range of equipment including various types of cash collecting devices and thermal printers, as well as with equipment manufactured by the majority of the leading producers of self-service terminals.

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