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August 17, 2006

CyberPlat® has announced the connection of 14 new operators

CyberPlat® has announced the connection of 14 new operators to the services of its payment system CyberPlat®: CJSC "NPO PROGTECH" (Zhukovsky, Moscow region), "Novgorod Datacom" LLC (Veliky Novgorod), "Teleset Service" LLC, "Komtechcenter" LLC, "Yedinaya Sluzhba Ob'yavleny" LLC (United Notice Service) (Yekaterinburg), OJSC "Dalsviaz" (Vladivostok) and CJSC "AKOS" (Vladivostok), "SMARTS Yaroslavl-GSM", CJSC "Shupashkar-GSM" (Cheboksary), CJSC "Ulianovsk-GSM", CJSC "Sotel-Nizhny Novgorod" and "Comlink" LLC (Voronezh), "" LLC (Moscow), CJSC "Korvet-Telekom" (Moscow).

"Our company aspires to intensify its expansion developing its business in the regions, and the connection of fourteen new communication operators and Internet providers is the result of its focused activity along this line," the General Director of CyberPlat® Andrey Gribov comments. "It is notable that new client companies represent 5 Federal territories where our regional directorates successfully work providing new openings. Every month we accelerate the pace of development and are building up our presence in the regions in terms of quantities of new customers connected to CyberPlat® as well as in the volumes of payments via the system. As operators pursue to cooperate with those they trust and those who actively develop expanding the boundaries of the tasks set. Nowadays, the payment system accepts payments for the benefit of 68 mobile operators, telecommunications and utilities services. The Company's turnover in 2005 totaled $1.12 billion. The results of the first semester 2006 show the payment turnover in the system is $1.019 billion. According to CNews Analytics, CyberPlat® is an unconditional leader by turnover."

Five leading telecommunication companies of Povolzhie and Central Russia have joined the partnership of the unified payment system CyberPlat®: "SMARTS-Yaroslavl", "SMARTS Shupashkar-GSM" (Cheboksary), "Ulianovsk-GSM", "Sotel-Nizhny Novgorod (regional operator of Sky Link network) and Voronezh Internet provider "Comlink". Due to this connection hundreds of thousands of new users will be able to pay for communication services without commissions and queues, and communication payments will become more accessible. The Partnership in the North-West region has been expanded by concluding a new cooperation agreement with "Novgorod Datacom" LLC. Today, the company is the biggest provider in the region using the modern Ethernet technology. Virtually all large organizations of Nizhny Novgorod are included into "Novgorod Datacom" network.

In the Urals region the Yekaterinburg CyberPlat® directorate successfully continues its activity attracting partners and expanding the business. Among the new clients there are: "Komtekhcenter" LLC, "Teleset-Service"LLC, "Yedinaya Sluzhba Ob'yavleny" LLC (United Notice Service).

"Komtechcenter" LLC started its provider work in the Ekaterinburg Internet market under "Planeta" trade mark in May 2003. Currently "Komtechcenter" LLC offers a range of services such as: digital quality network translation of television and radio channels, digital telephony, on-line game servers and some others. Among the company's key clients there are: telecommunication shop chains "Svyaznoy", "DIXIS", "SIMphonia", Eldorado", "Eolis", "Tsifrograd", "Ultrastar", etc.

Internet provider Teleset-Service (KabiNET) offers a broadband Internet access to 20 thousand subscribers in the city of Yekaterinburg. The provider's network embraces practically all city districts. Another new partner of CyberPlat® in the Urals Region is an information and advertisement company "Yedinaya Sluzhba Ob'yavleny" (United Notice Service) of Yekaterinburg placing advertising and information in mass media. Today "Yedinaya Sluzhba Ob'yavleny" offer its clients a new service of paying for advertisement and modules via CyberPlat system.

Besides, due to conclusion of payment acceptance via CyberPlat® system, the subscribers living in the city of Yekaterinburg and the region have acquired an opportunity to top up their accounts, to pay for basic and extra services offered by local providers easily and quickly.

Two Far East companies - OJSC "Dalsvyaz" and OJSC "AKOS" - have joined the number of companies accepting payments via CyberPlat® system. "Dalsvyaz" revenue share in the telecommunication market of the Far East comprises 59.5%. "Dalsvyaz" covers 72% of the Far East Internet market, 87% of the local telephony, and 81% of the Far East domestic long distance and international telephony. "AKOS" was the first among the Far-Eastern operators to acquire a license for providing mobile telecommunication services on the Primorye territory, and it was in this company that the first cellular phone call on the Siberian and Far East territory was performed.

The CyberPlat® payment system is not only becoming all-purpose but also all-round. High fault resistance attracts the Federal and inter-regional companies, as well as the local telecommunication operators. Thus, in July 2006, R&D Company "ProgTech" from the Moscow region city of Zhukovsky and two Moscow providers - "", a representative of OJSC "Ugol-Telecom", and "Korvet-Telecom" working in the telecommunication market since 1998 and currently having more than 27000 subscribers - concluded an agreement for payment acceptance via CyberPlat® system.

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