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November 3, 2006

Andrey Gribov: 'CyberPlat® has been successfully developing its business in the territory of Kazakhstan, strengthening its leading position.'

The CyberPlat® Company has been successfully developing and expanding its business in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of its full-scale international expansion program.

A subsidiary company in Kazakhstan - CyberPlat®-Kazakhstan, LLP - was set into operation on 15 September of 2005. The first payments through the system were executed in April 2006. And by the end of the current year, the Company is planning to expand the payment acceptance network to up to 2000 outlets.

"Our company has entered the market of Kazakhstan, secured a foothold and is steadily developing its business in close cooperation with one of the largest mobile communications operators, Beeline," Director General of JSC CYBERPLAT.COM, Andrey Gribov, comments the situation. "For us, it became one of the key developments in the growth and expansion of our business geography and the advancement of our payment technology to international markets.

Presently, over 1300 trading and service outlets, performing acceptance of payments for the benefit of mobile communication operators and Internet services via the CyberPlat® payment system, are registered in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The CyberPlat® payment system's client list in the territory of Kazakhstan includes the long-standing Russian partners: Yevroset' and Dixis. The strongest players of the local market have joined them: Mzone, NTN, Orbita-Telecom, Sim-Mobile, the Sulpak chain of home appliances and electronics, as well as many others. Even now, the terminal networks of the Russian operators - Electropay and Multicassa - have been connected to the CyberPlat® system. A partnership project with JSC "Kazpost", which possesses over 3,000 offices, is growing at a brisk pace. It creates exceptionally comfortable payment conditions for the population: payments can be executed in the entire territory of Kazakhstan.

"As a matter of fact, we are recreating the positive Russian experience in the expansion and promotion of the CyberPlat® electronic payment system; yet we are doing this on a tighter schedule," Andrey Gribov emphasizes. "The speedy creation and development of our system is significantly redounded by the peerless long-earned experience and the incontestable advantages of our system: speed, security and fault tolerance. In our company's prospect for the future, there is the connection of the leading mobile operators, satellite and cable television, the launch of the credit repayment service for the benefit of the leading banks, and payment acceptance for housing and communal services."

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