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November 13, 2006

Unicum and CyberPlat® have formed a partnership

The Russian manufacturer of equipment for the self-service industry, the Unicum Group of Companies, and Russia's major payment system, CyberPlat® - the leader in the electronic payment market - announced the commencement of collaboration.

CyberPlat® has seconded a proposal from the Unicum Group of Companies for the launch of production of fail-safe payment terminals under the CyberPlat® brand name.

All the equipment manufactured by the Unicum Group will be fitted out with the pre-installed CyberPlat® fail-safe software specifically adapted to various configurations of payment terminals.

Within the framework of the project, CyberPlat® commits to place information regarding the Unicum payment terminals manufactured under the CyberPlat® brand name on the company Internet site and to recommend them to all interested parties.

"Both companies are moving in the same direction. CyberPlat® is consistently expanding the 'coverage zone' of the country's leading payment system, while Unicum is actively reinforcing its positions in the new markets," Boris Belotserkovsky, President of the Unicum Group of Companies, commented on the birth of the new alliance.

"According to calculations, the volumes of payments executed through CyberPlat® in 2006 will top 2.5 billion US dollars. This is a direct evidence of the quality and the scale of our work. No other electronic payment system ensures such speed, security and fail-safety. The manufacture of payment terminals under the CyberPlat® brand name by Unicum will provide clients with an opportunity to choose the best service in the continuously expanding self-service terminal network," Andrew Gribov, Director General of OJSC CYBERPLAT.COM, highlighted the prospects of collaboration.

The Unicum Group of Companies has mastered the production of payment terminals in 2005. Since then, the share of this item in the company's output has been consistently increasing. As early as in the third quarter of 2006, this type of production generated 52% per cent of the company's proceeds and by the year's end will rise to 60-70 %. Unicum is planning to continue raising this figure and bringing it up to 95% by increasing the quantity of manufactured terminals and machines for the self-service industry to the maximum possible volume.

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