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March 9, 2007

CyberPlat® will demonstrate cutting-edge payment technologies at CeBIT-2007 world exhibition

The CyberPlat® payment system will take part in the biggest international information technologies exhibition, CeBIT-2007, which will take place in Hanover, Germany, on 15-21 March, 2007.

At CeBIT-2007, the CyberPlat® payment system will demonstrate the most advanced electronic technologies developed by it and attested by long successful operational experience. Particular attention will be allocated to the technologies of personal account top-up in the billing systems of various service providers.

At present, the CyberPlat® payment system has established itself a leader in the Russian electronic payment market with a share of 34 percent. The CyberPlat® Company is historically the first electronic payment system in Russia – the first payment transaction for the benefit of the Garant-Park Company was executed on 18 March, 1998; and on the 12 August, 1998, the first on-line Internet payment was performed for the benefit of a mobile communication operator, Beeline.

The leading Russian telecommunications operators – MTS, Beeline and MegaFon – have long appreciated the advantages of the technology for the instant subscriber account top-up, designed by the CyberPlat® payment system; especially for its high reliability and fail safety proven by many years of work in the cellular communication market. For nine years of operation in the Russian electronic payment market, CyberPlat® has been demonstrating sustainable growth of its financial turnover and service quality.

At CeBIT-2007 exhibition, the CyberPlat® Company will present the whole spectrum of its payment solutions, software and technological developments intended for payment acceptance in the real time mode via numerous electronic devices. Particular attention at the exposition will be focused on the demonstration of payment instruments and technologies based on the electronic terminals developed by the payment system in response to the growing needs of the progressing information technology market.

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