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March 19, 2007

CyberPlat® sets a new record of processing productivity

The CyberPlat® cash acceptance network has launched a new version of its processing system, which significantly increases operating capacity and fail safety.

The specialists of the CyberPlat® Company have developed and implemented a complex of innovations into the payment system’s hardware and software base, which ensures doubling the system’s throughput capacity without expanding its server fleet. It is noteworthy that, by productivity and stability indicators, the CyberPlat® system has long been unrivaled in the Russian payment market.

The results of special tests, performed in the middle of March 2007, have shown that the system is now capable of processing over 1.5 million transactions per hour, or over 400 transactions per second. At that, the system’s common operating load reaches 75 transactions per second; in pre-holiday periods the CyberPlat® system’s average processing load value amounts to 90 transactions per second.

At the instances of CyberPlat®’s peak load, including situations when, due to technical failures, other payment systems do not operate, or immediately after the resumption of functioning of telecom operators’ billing systems, the payment stream through CyberPlat® substantially increases and the maximum load on the system reaches 110 transactions per second. That means the CyberPlat® cash acceptance network possesses a four-fold reserve of productivity and operating stability, even in emergency situations.

The principal difference of the transactions, performed by the CyberPlat® cash acceptance network, lies in their security and irrefutability, which are ensured by the application of electronic digital signatures (EDS) of the parties. At that, the algorithm of payment execution in the CyberPlat® system consists of two stages with the obligatory authorization of a payer in the service provider’s billing system. Each stage of payment execution consists of a set of embedded cycles with EDS decoding inside each one of them. Therefore the effective operating capacity of the CyberPlat® payment system surpasses other Russian analogues, which with the same number of operations possess lower operating capacity due to the simplified and unsafe transaction execution structure.

The Technical Director of CyberPlat®, Denis Sadomskov, stated: “The Company’s strategy implies anticipatory development of the system’s capabilities with regard to the most challenging technological requirements of the market, and the implemented technological innovations ensure truly unique resiliency, reliability and productivity characteristics.

Eighteen months of intensive labor on the part of experts from the Information Technology Department have resulted in creating a unique product which has increased both the performance and reliability of the CyberPlat® payment system. The implementation of a new version of the processing system has ensured a significant resource of CyberPlat®’s transaction durability in response to the ever increasing market requirements.

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