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July 11, 2007

CyberPlat® provides Muscovites with opportunities to pay utility services bills at over 2500 outlets

The public almost everywhere has been used to pay for the services rendered by mobile communication and land-line phone networks operators, pay-TV and Internet service providers, banks and satellite alarm security systems operators. Now it has become possible to pay for utility services in the same rapid and convenient queues- and hassle-free way, using CyberPlat® in Moscow.

Today over 2500 cash acceptance outlets located in the CyberPlat® connected stores of the well-known trading companies (Euroset, Svayznoy, Dixis, Betalink, Tsifrograd) accept payments for utility services.

Apart from the leading dealer chains, the utility service bills may also be paid through the largest Russian payment terminal (cash-in) networks like I-Box, Platforma, Molnia, Electropay and many others.

The most important feature of this facility is absence of any additional commissions and wearisome staying in queues pretty familiar for us in traditional utility service payment locations. The new payment option naturally attracts an increasing number of people, as "come and pay at once" is convenient and comfortable.

It is possible to pay actually in one go against utility service bills, for power supply services (Mosenergosbyt), land-line telephone services (MGTS), long-distance calls (Rostelecom), pay-TV (NTV+, Akado, etc.), internet access (Stream TV and others) and of course mobile communication services.

The CyberPlat® payment system features enable millions of Muscovites effecting payments in the maximum convenient way, saving time and efforts. We are sure that Muscovites will duly appreciate the obvious benefits of paying utility services at cash acceptance outlets located in the stores of large retail chains, as well as through the cash-in payment terminals. The CyberPlat® system is planning to arrange acceptance of utility service payments in all big localities in our country," Andrey Gribov, Director General of CyberPlat®, commented.

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