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September 14, 2007

CyberPlat implemented pre-processing system for cash-in terminals.

CyberPlat® payment processing system specialists developed special software – preprocessing system, enhancing functionality in terms of cash-in terminal networks performance control and monitoring.

CyberPlat® preprocessing system, allowing carrying out remote control over cash-in terminal networks performance and cash-in terminal front-end software, provides for unique operating capacities. The new development by CyberPlat® takes the needs of the growing e-payment market into account, bearing the number of technological advantages at the same time.

CyberPlat® preprocessing system allows managing cash-in and POS-terminal networks by using the common interface. Preprocessing system features enable building customized sub-agents hierarchy (e.g., branches of a large network in various cities), uniting payment acceptance outlets into groups, opening virtual accounts and managing system of limits fixed for such accounts. At the same time, the whole hierarchy built will be displayed in the payment processing system as the single payment acceptance outlet, which decreases the cash-in terminal network dependence on the payment processing platform it worked with.

Another advantage of CyberPlat® preprocessing system is the opportunity of accepting payments, made for local service providers. CyberPlat® preprocessing system users have an option of adding any number of local service providers.

The most important feature of preprocessing system software is the option of selecting payment processing system automatically, increasing fault-tolerance and reliability of cash-in terminal network operation. In the event of technical failures at one payment processing system side, the preprocessing system users have an option to redirect on-line the payment transactions stream to the processing facilities of another payment processing system, being more fault resistant.

The new software may be downloaded for free from the Files section at the CyberPlat® website. The preprocessing system users will thus be able to update the same, taking their own needs into account, which allows CyberPlat® payment processing system to integrate completely into the business processes of the partners.

“We had a task to make the cash-in terminal networks operation within CyberPlat® payment processing system even more convenient. The main advantages of the preprocessing system, i.e. universality, multifunctionality, high reliability and availability, have already been appreciated by many dealers. Preprocessing system, which we were developing during around a year, will be updated further, taking into account the preferences of our partners,” Denis Sadomskov, Technical Director of CyberPlat® commented.

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