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October 3, 2007

CyberPlat® started accepting payments for air tickets

Sky Express Airline (SKYEXPRESS brand) customers are able to pay cash for the flights and additional services through the sales network of CyberPlat®, the largest e-payment processing system.

CyberPlat is the first company on the Russian payment processing system market to launch an e-ticketing project. An e-ticket means an extra convenience for passengers, time saving when purchasing a ticket, ability of full-fledged use of web-reservation and web-sales, being the most rapidly developing segment of the global air transportation market.

The tickets for Sky Express flights may be purchased in any manner, both using a traditional way of buying through ticket agents, and using the main and cheapest channel — the company web-site and Reservation Center. Actually, there are no ordinary tickets. A customer, booking a flight through the airline website or the Reservation Center is provided with a 12-digit code to use when making a payment in a nearest mobile phone store, retail chain point-of-sale or through a self-service kiosk, connected to CyberPlat® payment processing system. All the payments are effected without charging a commission from a payer.

Accepting payments for airline services is a new and perspective business line for CyberPlat® payment processing system, processing payments made for mobile communication and landline service providers, pay-TV, Internet service providers, utility service companies, banks, satellite alarm security systems. Pilot stage of the e-ticket payment processing project was successfully implemented through the self-service kiosks, owned by Euroset, the largest Russian retailer.

“The CyberPlat® advanced technologies and largest cash acceptance network makes it possible to ultimately simplify the process of paying for flights, reduce costs for the airlines and save time for its passengers. No doubt, the other companies will soon use the benefits of the new method of accepting payments for air transportation services,” Andrey Gribov, Director General of CyberPlat® comments.

Sky Express Airline (SKYEXPRESS brand) was founded in March 2006 and entered the regular flight market in January 2007. Sky Express offers flights in the European part of Russia from Vnukovo, which is the airline base airport. During the 8 months of operating the airline fleet, the company transported around 365 000 passengers in the six directions – Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Tyumen, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi. Sky Express plans to operate regular flights to 20 Russian cities located 600-3000 km from Moscow. The unified Sky Express fleet consists of Boeing 737. At present the fleet consists of seven Boeing 737 aircrafts.

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