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Advantages for Payment Acceptance Networks

Growth of the Number of Customers

New customers bring turnover growth up to 40%. Practice shows that the turnover of hardware stores grows by 1015%, in grocery stores by 20-25%, in mobile phone shops by 40% due to the new visitors.

Direct Economic Profit

Additional profit from every point of sale. Possibility of the subagent signing.

No expenses on attracting loans for scratch cards procurement and/or no necessity to freeze funds for the sales period, when purchasing scratch cards.

Implementation of the payment acceptance is much cheaper and easier than scratch cards sales.

Growth of the Number of Top-Up Points

Loyalty of the customers will grow. Enhancing the competitive ability as opposed to chains without such a service.

Geography of Payments

With the help of CyberPlat technology, it is possible to arrange payments anywhere in the world, where Internet facilities are available (including subscribers' favorite resorts abroad).

Simplicity and Convenience

It is convenient to work with one large payment system which gives an opportunity to accept payments made to all communication operators, rather than to build and maintain billing gateways with all operators by yourself.

Counterfeit Risks

No reputation and legal risk of selling a counterfeit or an overdue scratch card.

Risks of Storage

No costs for storage and protection of the manufactured scratch cards.

Service Range Expansion

The customer receives a quality service: the personal account of the operator is refilled within seconds.


The payment acceptance turnover increases the total revenue, providing the retailer with an opportunity to attract more funds for the development.

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