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Social mission of the CyberPlat® system

Distribution of values of payments in the total number of
transactions processed by CyberPlat®

According to the statistical data of the CyberPlat® electronic payment system about 10% of all payments, effected through the CyberPlat® cash acceptance system, have exceeded the amount of $5. Meanwhile, the transactions less than $1 make up 21.4%, $1 to $2 — 35.7%, $2 to $3 — 1.94% and $3 to $5 — 28% of total payments. Thus, half of all CyberPlat® transactions include payments below $3.

The data presented above confirm that CyberPlat® provides features that encourage medium and low-income groups to use the most advanced up-to-date technologies, which, first of all, include mobile communications and Internet access. Even a minimal balance allows a customer to stay connected, send messages and make urgent calls.

The favorable environment created by CyberPlat® for the use of modern communication technology by the broader population groups plays a decisive role in addressing the issue of the so-called «digital inequality» in the Russian Federation. The statistics clearly show that the the efforts applied by the CyberPlat® system provide a serous positive impact on the increase of mobile communication penetration rate in Russia.

For instance, if the customer’s account is empty and the customer has only a limited amount of funds and cannot afford to buy a minimal price scratch card that costs $5, they still can top-up their account at any point-of-sale. Any teenager having $1–$2 can top-up their account to make use of SMS-services. It is also convenient that the points-of-sale are the most frequently visited public places such as shops, drugstores, post offices, Mobile Communication Brand Stores, payment terminals and filling stations. The customer is not required to pay a commission and due to real-time nature of this transaction, their account will be instantly topped up.

The ability to deposit small amounts into the personal accounts provides lowincome groups, including children, students and retired employees, with access to mobile communications. Several dozens rubles on the customer accounts enable them using all basic services provided by mobile communication operators.

CyberPlat® provides additional opportunities for mobile phone users by offering an option of depositing even micro-amounts on the users’ accounts thus implementing an important social mission.

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