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Advantages for Telecom Carriers and Service Providers

Growth of the Number of Customers

Will attract more subscribers. New customers will subscribe and/or increase their payments among youngest part of population and other groups experiencing problems with the minimal face value of the scratch card (5 - 10 Euros). According to our statistics, this group brings up to 70% of transactions number.

New option allowing paying less than 5 Euros for the communication services leads to the client base growth due to "super light" subscribers including teenagers, group being more than one million in Switzerland. This kind of customer can pay in cash only. And, surely, they are very promising customer group. As events proved in Russia, full-scale implementation of the CyberPlat® technology by GSM-operators, having 90% of prepaid subscribers, provides for an increase in the number of subscribers up to 45%, and the revenue grows by 20%.

Direct Economic Profit

The sales cost of scratch cards takes away 12-20% of income. With the CyberPlat® technology fully implemented, payment collection costs less than 3% in the large cities and 4% in rural areas.

It will bring profit increase of approximately 20%.

With 10 billion Euro earnings of an operator with 100% prepaid subscribers, the growth of profit will reach 2 billion Euro a year. With the operator's capitalization of 50 billion Euro, the capitalization will increase by 10 billion Euro.

There are no expenses on scratch cards manufacturing, which is rather significant for the small face values of scratch cards (5 euro), where costs of card manufacturing head towards up to 10% of the face value.

Personnel costs reduction following shrinking of the scratch cards departments. Reduction of the cash handling costs for the operator.

Elimination of double payment of the sales tax, as compared to sales of scratch cards.

Growth of the Number of Top-Up Points

APRU growth due to the reduced time of a subscriber staying disconnected. The sooner the subscriber will top-up, the more airtime will be used.


  • customer loyalty towards the operator;
  • competitive edge with respect to operators lacking a wide payment acceptance network.

Geography of Payments

With the help of CyberPlat technology, it is possible to arrange payments anywhere in the world, where Internet facilities are available (including subscribers' favorite resorts abroad).


It is more secure to work with several large chains or payment systems, than with hundreds of the small scratch cards dealers.

Simplicity and Convenience

Reduction of the implementation costs for billing gateways with the big chains in comparison with the small dealers.

Risks of Work with Cash Money

The number of operations with cash money is reduced, which, in its turn:

  1. reduces risks of robbery;
  2. reduces risks of the staff’s fraud;
  3. reduces cash collecting costs;
  4. reduces the amount of work and risks during checkup by the tax authorities.

Counterfeit Risks

No reputation and economic risks of circulation of the counterfeit scratch cards with the brand name of the operator.

Risks of Storage

No costs for storage and protection of the manufactured scratch cards. Risks of the fraud are minimized.

Service Range Expansion

More flexible top-up brings additional advantages in competition.


The sum of the said advantages adds to attractiveness of the operator's activities while being evaluated by the international investment banks and, hence, it enlarges capitalization of the operator.

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