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Utility Companies

CyberPlat has worked hard to offer utility company end-customers an alternative and more convenient channel to pay their bills wherever and whenever they want. Our service is becoming more and more appreciated by the public as time and convenience gain increasing significance in our dynamic world. Our utility service provider partners, including power distribution companies, Gazprom distribution subsidiaries, residential building management companies, landline service providers, etc., enjoy working with CyberPlat as they obtain alternative payment streams and opportunities to provide customer care without investing much effort or financial resources.

We have started accepting payments for satellite security systems in 2006 with Cesar Satellite and found this business line very promising. Only in one year all the major satellite security systems joined us.

We are highly motivated to develop our utility payment business line to bring convenient and time saving opportunities of paying utility bills to the end-customers in any and all locations throughout Russia, CIS and our other countries of operation.

Click here to see the list of our partners in utility, landline and satellite security system segments.

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