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Financial Institutions

CyberPlat® offers to the Commercial banks a high-tech service package useful for attracting new customers, optimizing costs and receiving higher revenue.

  • Money Transfer Systems Integrator
    Connecting to CyberPlat® a Bank will get an access to most money transfer systems in Russia. Thus the Bank gets an opportunity to render services to customers of different money transfer systems, and a customer can choose a system at their option.
  • Payments
    Connecting to CyberPlat®, a Bank can provide payment services for customers of more than 300 services including mobile connection providers, satellite and cable TV providers and Internet providers, utility services providers, public utility services, airlines, security systems and many others.
  • Internet-Bank for Banks
    A partner Bank of CyberPlat® may use Internet-Bank for Banks product. This software product enables a partner Bank to transact payments on-line between any banks participating in CyberPlat®.
  • Integration of acquiring and cash payments
    An acquirer bank operating VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, and Russian cards can offer its merchants (services and sales businesses) new opportunities thanks to CyberPlat®. A special CyberPlat® product integrates cash payments and acquiring for diverse services.
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