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Online stores

We provide online stores with services for VISA amd MasterCard card purchase processing.

The design and content of your Internet-shop show-window are completely at your choice, and, to connect to CyberPlat® system, you only need to install special Settlement Shop software. If you still do not have an Internet-shop, we can recommend qualified experts experienced in the development of this type of software.

There are two options for customer payments to the Shop as a legal entity:

  • by initially placing the amounts to a Transit Account with Platina Bank, and further transferring the amounts to the bank of which the Shop is a client;
  • by directly placing the amounts to the Shop's Settlement Account opened with Platina Bank.

Please feel free to contact for additional information on connecting online stores to CyberPlat® payment processing system at:

Member Banks Contact Phone number e-mail
Bank "Platina" Aquiring Department +7 (495) 967-02-00

Sagereistrasse 33, 8152 Opfikon, Zürich, Switzerland

+41 (44) 810 01 74

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