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Frequently Asked Questions

One PC enables you to work with one server only (demo or on-line). After you fill-in the form and download setup.exe, run it and choose Re-Install Module as Update Files and Re-Install Module menu. After that, o'key removal of old keys and create new. Make sure you click on Confirm Registration button in the opened browser window to have the keys and contracts registered at the Authorisation Centre.

As a rule, those companies would make their banking details known to clients for payment. Therefore, as you generate the Payment Order, you need to fill in the details of the payee as your cellular provider may have instructed, namely: specify bank, the bank's BIK Code and correspondent Account No., the current Account No. and the name of the Payee (e.g., MSS or Vympelcom (BeeLine). Make sure you do not forget to specify the amount paid. Filling in the Remarks field, make sure you specify your contract No. and phone No., as your cellular provider may require.

So far, that is impossible, yet, we are planning to offer the service in future.

You cannot regenerate your key to fit your former Account No.! Quite understandably, that is a fundamental restriction of the System: should you lose control of the private key, no one (bank included) is able to restore or apply a new key to the Account. Otherwise, System security would be apparently jeopardised. The only way out is to go through the registration routine once again and have your private key protected by a memorable password. In case the balance of your Account is above zero, you will need to visit our office at any address specified on our site and hand-write an application requesting the balance to be transferred to your new Account No. And please, be more attentive in the future!

You can download interface descriptions and the software from our server for WinNT and UNIX ( Our experts are prepared to provide assistance and visit your place (free of charge, as well). The installation may take between one hour and one workday, and would involve no problems as a rule. In our System, a shop is unable in principle to determine whether a customer pays from an Account or by a card.

Though the settlements are in Roubles, non-resident customers (including our compatriots, just as well) can have their international payment system cards registered. That enables them to buy at Internet shops connected to our System.

We use our own algorithm, that is similar to RSA. During registration, you would load the installer which ensures our Client software is installed on your PC, and generates the keys and has your public key registered with the System. By the way, we are offering test registration mode absolutely identical to the on-line mode, except that the money is "toy" and the shop is a demo. It won't take you more than just a couple of minutes to register in the test mode. Try and go all the way to the end and I hope you are going to see lots of interesting things. Client Software interface with the browser is implemented via the Windows clipboard. If you register your card, the transmitted details are secured by our algorithm, which is sufficiently safe, we believe. Meanwhile, ensuring security and non-disclosure of your card's details is the responsibility of the Bank.

Our server provides the entire information a customer or a shop may need. Remarkably, a customer registering a card is limited in the amount of payments (by a specified Rouble amount per month) until his or her Digital Signature is properly certified at our Subsidiary Office or at an Agent's (the Agent net is being deployed now). In addition, we are planning to introduce a mode in which a client would be able to transfer an amount from his card to Platina Bank and use the balance to pay low-value. The matter is that in such a case the authorisation routine in which calling a card payment system is omitted is a lot faster.

1. We supply merchants with the software that supports the dialogue between the customer and our settlement system. The described software is easily integrated into the seller's web-server (the Internet shop). The descriptions of our software and the interface are available at However, if you do not have a web-server of your own yet, you should start with making one; we could recommend companies known to do the job well. 2. The registration fee is USD 200 for shops (converted into Roubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the date of payment). The amount includes the price of the software, and the installation and set-up work to be done by our specialists (who can visit your place, as required).

What we would want to draw your attention to, is that the portable copy is intended exclusively for transfer of the software between PCs. The Customer Special Software stores the required loading data (such as Client Codes, keys) for itself in the Windows system registry, and management of several client stations on just one computer requires the data to be copied anew. As a portable copy is being made, a special file will be created ensuring that all data is copied to the system registry in the first run only (!). In any follow-on runs the portable copy will not differ in any way from the original program. Therefore, it is impossible to use the portable copy to continuously set up for a new client. What's more, the portable copy will be invalid for transfer to a different PC already after being run once. Optionally, the following mechanism could be used. Create a "reference" portable copy (e.g., on a floppy disk or a network drive) and copy all files from the "reference" into a separate directory for immediate start-up. Obviously, each client should have his or her own "reference" portable copy and a personal start-up directory. Accordingly, by using the "reference" copy for copying only, you can transfer client station to more than one PC. In order to prevent unauthorised copying of your client station by fraudsters, make sure you observe at least the elementary rules of safety.

To do that, create a portable copy of the program on a floppy disk or the network drive. Do not run the program from the created copy, just store it for reference in case your Windows fail or the operating system needs to be re-installed. After the OS has been re-installed, make a copy of the portable in your PC and run the program from that directory. In initial running, the program will check for availability of entries in the system registry and will register itself. After that, the operation will not differ in any way from the original program.

There are two options. The first is to open the Service - > Parameters menu, then open bookmark Payment Order and view the Bank's and your Account's details. DO NOT EDIT because the data is used for Payment Order generation. Option two: open the Service - > Payment Order -> Show Payment Order menu, enter any amount in the pop-up field to view a Sberbank money transfer form, in which all the required details, including the Bank's and your Account's, are available. Just send it to printer and you can pay the amount via Sberbank.

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