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Holders of MIR, VISA, Eurocard/MasterCard cards (Customers) are enabled to pay for merchandise bought at Internet Shops registered with the Payment Authorization Server.

  1. The Customer connects to the Shop's web-server in the Internet, fills the shopping cart, and chooses a credit card payment mode.
  2. The Shop then assembles the order and readdresses the Customer to the CyberPOS authorization server. All information interaction between the Shop and CyberPOS is performed via the secure SSL protocol and is certified by the parties' digital signatures.
  3. CyberPOS uses the SSL secure protocol to link with the Customer and receives the Customer credit card details. The card details will be securely transmitted to CyberPOS only, and are not available to the Shop in any Customer transaction.
    CyberPOS verifies the presence of the Shop within the System, and makes sure the transaction complies with the effective System restrictions. Verification will result in the generation of a negative or a positive authorization response to be relayed to the applicable card payment system.
  4. When authorization is banned:
    • CyberPOS transmits a motivated ban to the Customer;
    • CyberPOS transmits a ban specifying the Order number to the Shop;
  5. When authorization is allowed:
    • CyberPOS transmits it to the Bank's processing center;
    • Via the closed banking networks, the authorization request is transmitted to the Customer card issuing Bank or the payment system processing center empowered by the issuing bank.
  6. As soon as a positive authorization response from the card payment system is in place,
    • the Bank's processing center transmits the positive authorization result to CyberPOS;
    • CyberPOS transmits the positive authorization result to the Customer;
    • CyberPOS transmits the positive authorization result specifying the Order number,
    • the Shop supplies the purchased service (issue merchandise), and
    • the Bank will finally transfer the amount of purchase to the Shop's account number complying with the relevant contract between the Bank and the Shop.
  7. Should authorisation be denied:
    • the Bank's processing center transmits the denial message to the Authorization Server;
    • CyberPOS sends the motivated denial to the Customer, and
    • CyberPOS transmits the denial to the Shop specifying the Order number.
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