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The CyberPlat® System - Internet Shop interface is implemented by means of the "Shop - Settlements" Special Software.This software consists of two parts: "Cyberplat clients payments" and "Payments on credit cards". You can get the description of the technology by copying following documentation:

The offered description is focused on the process of obtaining data from an external Internet Shop, and the formats, in which data is presented in the electronic payment system at the Shop's end.

Normally, the "Shop - Settlements" Software will be installed and customised by specialists sent out by the Bank.

For consultancy, please, call: (495) 967-02-20.

You can start working with the electronic payment system in two ways:

1) by obtaining a set of keys from the Cyberplat support group to work in the test mode;

2) by obtaining a key card and a software for generating the keys on you own to work in the real mode.

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