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Security issues: CyberPOS with Cyberplat MPI Module

Cyberplat MPI Module is a full-fledged e-commerce solution based on the 3 d security protocol that significantly increases web payment security and makes electronic transactions easier. According to surveys, 90% of customers who pay for their purchases with the use of plastic cards are concerned with online transaction security worrying that the card number may go to an outsider. However, an analysis shows that e-commerce risks are often exaggerated, and CyberPlat® multi-year operation has convincingly proved that, given the appropriate level of online transaction security, fraud losses when trading via the Internet are not bigger than the ones while trading traditionally.

Cyberplat MPI Module provides a high degree of security for online transactions and has some unique features — for example, it takes only 90 KB on the hard disc which is much less than competitive products in the sphere of web payment security do. This means that the module can be installed on virtually any computer. The hyper-efficient IT-solution in the sphere of online transaction security is very attractive due to its low price making it affordable for all interested participants in the e-commerce market who need to ensure web payment security.

CyberPOS subsystem together with Cyberplat MPI Module based on the 3 d security protocol and using the SSL protocol provides complete security for online transactions.

The CyberPOS cryptographic software with its Cyberplat MPI module uses the OpenSSL versions invulnerable to the heartbleed error (unauthorized memory reading from the server or the customer’s device). At the time of the error detection the number of secured websites vulnerable to malicious attacks amounted to half a million, according to the market experts.

Developers of the CyberPOS software and its Cyberplat MPI module used the OpenSSL versions which completely eliminate unauthorized access to information about the user requests or responses, including the session cookies and passwords, and store the server or user confidential data.

In case of CyberPOS subsystem, cash flows take place only in closed interbank networks, and customer details are known only to CyberPOS and to no one else, that is why secure electronic transactions are guaranteed.

The request from the store and the response to it are transmitted over the Internet in an encrypted form according to the SSL standard, and the card number is entered by the customer directly into CyberPOS subsystem and hence is only known to the bank. Hacking the banking system protection is very unlikely—this is much more difficult thing to do than, for example, an armed raid on a bank vault. Such a distribution of roles is beneficial for stores too, since it relieves them from necessity of creating their own storage systems for customer card numbers.

Cyberplat MPI Module based on the 3 d security protocol provides secure authentication of online transactions in accordance with the Visa secure software (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard SecureCode program which request acquirers to perform additional 3 d security authentication of cardholders at the moment of online shopping.

The 3 d security model is implemented on the basis of three domains where initiation and verification of transactions take place:

  • Issuer Domain which includes Cardholders and the Bank issuing cards.
  • Acquirer Domain which includes the Acquiring Bank and its customers (online sellers).
  • Interaction Domain which combines those elements that make it possible to conduct transactions between the other two domains.

Each of the domains performs its own function: the Issuer is responsible for providing correct information about the customer; the Acquirer—for valid requesting and redirecting the cardholder; the payment system (Interaction Domain) —for data safety.

Cyberplat MPI Module implements 3-D Secure Merchant Plug-In protocol.

The bank card holder forms a cart on the online store website and initiates the process of payment via the card (1). Using Cyberplat MPI, the online store sends a special authorization request to the Directory Server. The Directory Server checks the number of the card that provides support for the 3 d security authentication technology (2). Upon the response from the Directory Server confirming that this card holder can make payments via the 3 d security technology, MPI Module sends a request to the issuing bank’s server to receive a confirmation password (3). The cardholder enters the password on the issuing bank’s website (ACS) (4). The ACS sends an authorization response to Cyberplat MPI and also stores the authentication data in the payment system server (Authentication History Server) which stores data on every transaction conducted via the 3 d security technology. Subsequently, these data can be used in resolving any customer complaint and arbitrating disputed transactions (5). Cyberplat MPI processes the ACS response and, if the response from the issuing bank is positive, sends an authorization request to the acquiring bank’s server (6). The authorization request then is sent to the bank that issued the card via the standard scheme through the payment system.

How to obtain Cyberplat MPI Module?

There are three options:

  1. Delivery of the 3 d Secure MPI module for unaided integration into the customer’s software. This option costs $ 10,000. The annual support is $ 5,000.
  2. Outsourcing the 3 d Secure MPI service. In this case, CyberPlat® processes 3-D Secure requests for banks or online stores. This option costs $ 30 per year for one online store and $ 0.02 per transaction.
  3. Outsourcing the 3 d Secure MPI service with delivery of the 3-d Secure MPI module and without limiting the number of online stores connected. This option costs $ 1,000 as one-time payment and $ 0.01 per transaction.

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