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Money Transfer Systems Integrator

Connecting to CyberPlat® a Bank will get an access to most money transfer systems in Russia. Thus the Bank gets an opportunity to render services to customers of different money transfer systems, and a customer can choose a system at their option.

How does it work?

The flow is abundantly simple and will take almost no material investment on the Bank’s part. On concluding a contract with PLATINA Ltd., the Bank receives free of charge the necessary software uniting different systems under a common interface, which also functions as an interface for collecting service fees from the customers. A transfer can be relayed either through the Bank’s operator.

Optimizing the bank operator’s work

CyberPlat® features a convenient interface in which the operator is able to manage several transfer system customers at one window. It takes the operator only a few minutes to execute a transfer with the CyberPlat® money transfer system Integrator, and the cash instantly becomes available for the recipient.

The time needed for personnel training can be dramatically reduced thanks to the Integrator: where there used to be several interfaces for different systems, there is now only one. The training costs, operators’ workload and error risks are significantly reduced.

Financial Efficiency

A bank using CyberPlat® integrator increases the cost effectives of the IT structure, servres and communication channels by using a single interface for several systems instead of multiple. Instead of several contracts with different bank systems, the bank needs only one with PLATINA and CyberPlat®, which reduces cost by using fewer personnel.

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