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Integration of acquiring and cash payments

An acquirer bank operating VISA, MasterCard can offer its merchants (services and sales businesses) new opportunities thanks to CyberPlat®. A special CyberPlat® product integrates cash payments and acquiring for diverse services.

This product integrates cash collection and acquiring in one device. The transaction security is guaranteed through the unified Internet channel and unified EDS.

Using a single POS terminal for both cash payments and cards acquiring means an all-purpose cashier equipment and therefore lower equipment investments. This solution optimizes the cashier’s station and increases service rate contributing to the customers’ convenience, too.

To implement the solution for both cash and cards processing you can use a common POS terminal or a PC with a card reader.

Business advantages for sales and services businesses:
  • Lower equipment investments — one device for both cash and cards acquiring processing.
  • Flexibility — you can choose any bank or any processing centre for acquiring. Using the terminal, you switch from CyberPlat® hosts to a Bank.
  • Additional earnings — cards acquiring plus cash payments.
  • Adjustability — you may use both special POS terminals and common PC equipment.
There are several ways to unite cash payments receiving and acquiring:
  • If your business uses a POS terminal for cash payments, it will be enough to sign an acquiring contract with a bank. You will not have to buy any new equipment at a price of $400 or $500.
  • If you use two individual POS terminals for cash and cards acquiring, you can reequip one of them to receive both cash and cards acquiring. Thus you are saving $400 or $500 (the cost of another POS terminal) and optimizing your cahier’s work.
  • If you use a PC for cash payments, it will be enough to sign an acquiring contract with a bank and buy a card reader (about $90).
  • If you use a PC for cash and a POS terminal for cards acquiring, and you have an acquiring contract with a bank, it will be enough to change the POS terminal for a card reader. Cost saving is about $300 or $400, and the cashier using one device instead of two will reduce the errors and will take less training.

Thanks to the offered product, POS terminals can be used for a wide range of CyberPlat® payments. Therefore, the bank chain wins higher earnings when the POS terminals are used for servicing more than 4700 providers of different services.

Offering this solution to service and sales businesses, the Bank will attract new acquiring customers and increase the existing clients turnover.

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