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Internet-Bank for Banks

A partner Bank of CyberPlat® may use Internet-Bank for Banks product. This software product enables a partner Bank to transact payments on-line between any banks participating in CyberPlat®.

When a Bank uses Internet-Bank for Banks, the Bank’s winnings are:
  • The transaction cost price is lower than in the RF Central Bank: 0.5 instead of 4 to 15 roubles.
  • On-line funds placing into account and withdrawal.
  • A transaction can be performed any time on a continuous basis, including Saturdays and Sundays, not limited by the number of scheduled transfers.

More than 250 Russian banks now participate in CyberPlat.

Taking all this into account, we may predict that this service will be highly demanded by traders in FOREX market or in stock exchange, who need their orders performed promptly.

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