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Connecting to CyberPlat®, a Bank can provide payment services for customers of more than 3600 services including mobile connection providers, satellite and cable TV providers and Internet providers, utility services providers, public utility services, airlines, security systems and many others. To effect a payment, customers may use different options, available at an individual Bank including:


When an ATM becomes a payment facility for various providers’ customers, its profitability increases by 25% while the cost of transaction decreases (no need to use a cash dispenser for banknotes).

POS terminals

The software supplied by CyberPlat® for standard POS terminals (Verifon, PAX, SAGEM, Shtrikh-M) enables the cashier to transact payments both in cash and with a bank card.

CyberFT (Bank-Client System)

If a Bank employs a Bank-Client system, when clients can effect transactions through the Internet or a mobile phone, (Mobile Bank-Client). this system can be used with CyberPlat®.

Effecting payments through the Internet Bank-Client:
  • For banks using BSS or Inist Internet Bank-Client, we have a technical solution for CyberPlat® integration.
  • For banks using other systems, we can develop special integration gateways.
Mobile Bank-Client:
  • For effecting payments through the mobile phone, CyberPlat® has a software solution with Java support.

When a Bank starts transacting public utility payments, the Bank’s winnings are:

  • 0.5% of the transactions from CyberPlat®;
  • These payments are cost-free for the Bank (the Central Bank, for example, takes 4 to 15 rouble for a transaction).
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