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Products & Services

We, at CyberPlat, offer wide range of solutions for telecom carriers and other service providers, using huge potential of our delivery channels and cutting-edge technologies.

Focusing on providing best payment processing solutions for our partners, rendering various types of services, we help generating additional income for our dealers – retail chains, self-service kiosk networks and individual businesses.

Finally, end-users benefit from our system, as they obtain secure and instant payment options, open round-the-clock.

  • Financial Institutions
    automation of low-gain transactions makes them profitable and financially sound for CyberPlat partners due to significant turnover of these transactins
  • Payment Systems
    CyberPlat® offers to Payment Systems to do the International Top-Up (ITU) business together.
  • Cyberplat MPI Module
    The new high-tech product CyberPlat MPI Module is of great interest to banks involved in Internet-acquiring as well as to online stores. CyberPlat® starts selling software of its own production offering partners a new high-tech product. This hyper-efficient IT-solution has unique characteristics: CyberPlat MPI Module takes only 90 KB of hard disk space—much less than competitive solutions do. This means that the module can be installed on any computer.
  • Utility Companies
    alternative and more convenient channel to pay end-customers bills wherever and whenever they want
  • Airlines
    Airlines gradually shift from paper to e-tickets. With our solutions the airlines are able to offer their passengers additional customer care, increase customer loyalty and, finally, their passenger traffic.
  • Retailers
    all categories of retailers always care about offering additional services to increase customer loyalty and as a result secure additional revenues
  • Self-Service Kiosk Networks
    We provide SSK Networks with Software, SSK Management Systems and full processing services. Brand name SSK software for big SSK Networks and retailers

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