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Mobile Top-up

Significant share of the mobile network operator revenues is collected through our extensive and continuously growing cash acceptance network consisting of 910 000 points of sale in Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries in the pipeline. At the same time, we help to gradually shift from the outdated payment options, being not so convenient and quite expensive both for network operators and their subscribers.

Our mobile carrier partners may build the new very low ARPU subscriber base due to our flexibility, enabling us processing even micropayments, as small as 0.01 USD, with an increment of 0.01 USD, up to the amount of 1000 USD. Such subscribers may spend as low as 3 USD per month and stay in touch! On the other hand, the mobile carriers increase their average revenues, earned from financially stronger subscribers, as they almost do not stay disconnected due to accessibility of our points of sale, many of which operate 24 hours a day. Largest mobile phone retail chains, including Euroset, Svayznoy, etc., are at service of mobile carriers, providing them with powerful distribution channels and generating payment streams owing to CyberPlat® payment processing system employment.

All our mobile carrier partners highly estimate cooperation with CyberPlat® as it is very simple and convenient for them and they do not have to allocate any financial or organizational resources to work with us. We undertake all technical work and help our partners reaching out their end-customers.

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