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Why is it profitable for your business (a retail sale chain, shop, mobile communication brand store, or bank)

1. More customers, higher turnover
At present, the number of acting mobile communication subscribers is higher than the number of the fixed line telephony subscribers counting in Russia 208,3 million people by the expert estimate. The number of subscribers is rapidly growing. Each of them has to top up their account every month. Providing payment services for mobile subscribers, a business will get more customers and increase its turnover by 10 or even 40 per cent.

2. Additional earnings
If you become a CyberPlat® dealer, your business will receive commission for each transaction. Operators ever offering new services stimulate the customers to make use of them. The growing operators’ turnover means a greater number of your transactions and a higher income.

3. Crediting
To increase the turnover, the PLATINA bank (the CyberPlat® settlement bank) offers a revolving line of credit against cash payments at a soft lending rate.

4. Increasing the services range
Your business will have a wider range of high quality services, and become more competitive costfree.

5. Wide coverage
CyberPlat® enables you to organize payments in any part of the Russian Federation and other countries of operation. Notwithstanding its location, a new dealer receives a package of documents necessary to start on-line payment transactions through CyberPlat®.

6. Operating without a settlement account
You may open a settlement account at the PLATINA Bank free of charge. Moreover, it is not even necessary to open a settlement account at all thanks to the automated connection technology.

7. Adjustability
You can connect the necessary devices at any outlet of yours, notwithstanding the existing cash desks or terminals. The Company’s experts will connect and configure your cash register, payment terminal, POS terminal and other hardware. We also provide the necessary technical support.

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